Homeless Pup Wanted A Home So Badly, He’d Follow People Home

South Africa currently faces a sad and unfortunate reality – the country houses a large stray dog population who are mostly homeless and roaming the streets.

This predicament inspired a group of dog lovers, who joined forces as they had wanted to help as many homeless canines as they possibly can – hence, the ‘Dogbox Project’ was born.

Their role is to assist animal organizations in various areas of South Africa by helping to set up kennels and distribute both dog food and blankets.

The initiative aims to relieve the harshness of street life for many homeless dogs in South Africa, by providing them a source of food, water and a place to sleep for the nights to come.

One day while local Dogbox volunteers were out and about on the streets, they met a friendly stray puppy, who trotted up to them. This is a rare sight, as most strays are actually pretty timid when it comes to human touch.

Not this dog, it seems, as it even begun following them! The volunteers realized that the poor puppy has a habit of following anyone who showed him kindness because he wanted a forever home.

The sweet puppy was then named Scribble. When Scribble was assessed by a local veterinarian, Scribble was limping due to a previous physical injury – most likely caused by a hard kick to his hind legs.

Thankfully for him, Scribble’s leg would heal in time. A local animal shelter named Sidewalk Specials took him in, and introduced him to the hosts of Hills Nutrition and the Expresso Morning Show. This was a well-thought out way to gain publicity in order to facilitate the puppy’s adoption process!

The show featured Scribbles and many other dogs for adoption at Sidewalk Specials, and it turned out extremely well. One family fell in love with Scribble while watching the show, and called to ask for him! An appointment for a shelter visit was soon arranged, and the rest was history.

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